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  Swiss Turning

Our Swiss Turning department has a well-deserved reputation for reliable delivery of high quality precision machine products based on more than twenty years of experience in supplying products made to exact dimensions, tolerances and specifications. With multi-spindle automatic screw machines, we are a trusted producer of both high and low volume precision machined parts.  Whether your need is for an aerospace, medical, defense or commercial application, Peak Manufacturing can meet your needs with our state-of-the-art swiss style turning machines. For your demanding applications, we have extensive experience in machining titanium, Beryllium copper, inkonel and other exotic metals and plastics. 

Our Swiss department manager is not just a manufacturing whiz, but his engineering abilities are second to none.  We pride ourselves in his proven ability to work directly with your engineering and manufacturing staffs to help make your designs more manufacturable and cost effective.  These additional value added services are often provided at no cost to you - another benefit to choosing Peak Manufacturing for all your Swiss style turning needs!

Maximum diameter        1.25 inches / 32 mm
Maximum length            12 inches / 304 mm