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Welcome to Peak Manufacturing

Peak Manufacturing's milling department is comprised of fifteen vertical and three horizontal machining centers.  Having such a large installed equipment base allows us to pick the right machine for the right job and to react quickly to your fast turn requests.  Also, very large volumes or very complex parts can be run on two or more machines at the same time, helping us further improve your time-to-market.  Our small or medium runs flow through our manufacturing cells quickly due to quick changeovers and other Lean Manufacturing related benefits.

We can machine in four axes and machine parts up to 49.5" along the X axis. Our machining centers are supported with a large stock of tooling and gaging as well as by Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), optical comparators and Brown and Sharpe Tesa/Micro Hites.  All of our milling programs are stored on a central server and transmitted via a shop-wide DNC connection system.