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Welcome to Peak Manufacturing

We realize that in a highly competitive and fast changing environment, our customer's seek out partners who offer them a broad range of services to eliminate the administrative and technical burdens associated with managing a large supplier base.   Peak Manufacturing can help you reduce some of this burden by not only machining your components but also assembling them for you.  We have several years of experience with assembly of large steel frames, and developed a kitting and inventory system that reduced our assembly leadtime from days to hours. 

As a systems integrator, Peak Manufacturing offers a wide variety of assembly services for our customer by integrating the following:
  • Outside Processes
  • Electronic or Electro-Mechanical Components
  • In-house Manufacturing
This flexibility allows our customers to order individual piece parts or to order a complete finished assembly. Our high quality program management provides customers with the best of outsourced and in-house manufacturing processes and BOM hardware.

Let us show you how we can help you become more efficient and cost effective by outsourcing your assembly needs to Peak Manufacturing.