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Welcome to Peak Manufacturing

Our facility houses over thirty milling, lathe, Swiss screw and prototype machines capable of handling material up to 15" in diameter and a work envelope of 24”x 40”x12”.  Equipped with a full line of attachments, our machines can perform drilling, boring, reaming, turning, milling, thread milling, threading, cross drilling, broaching, tapping, and screw slotting. 

At Peak Manufacturing, we love a challenge. We specialize in the manufacturing of precision machined parts with tolerances down to +/-.0001 in. (+/- .00254 mm). Whether you need large or small-machined parts we are able to fulfill your order. We have the reputation of taking on parts that are too difficult for other companies to manufacture.

Peak Manufacturing's "Lean Manufacturing Methods", Program Management and our MRP II system with Scheduling, Inventory and Production Control Systems enables us to provide our customers with cost efficient, high quality parts delivered on time.

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