Welcome to Peak Manufacturing
Do you want to work for a company that is growing and which offers you opportunities to enhance your skills so you can continue to climb up the ladder?  Do you want to work for a forward thinking company with strong management who's not afraid to take risks and invest in the future?  Do you want to work in an environment that's disciplined but fun?  If so, then Peak Manufacturing may just be the company you've been looking for!

At Peak Manufacturing, we are always looking for outstanding people to join our team!  We know that in order to make the best components for our customers, we need the very best people in all of our departments.  We offer our employees a very competitive benefits package, including medical, dental, a 401K plan, profit sharing and paid holidays / sick days.  In addition, we currently run a three shift operation due to our business growth, so there is often the opportunity to work overtime, for those employees who wish to do so. 

At any given point in time, we may be hiring setup people, machinists, operators, quality inspectors and finishing people.  If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with Peak Manufacturing, please call or email us.  Or, you may fill out and email an online application to us by clicking the link on this page.

If you have what it takes to be the best, contact us.  We hope to be adding you to the Peak Team soon!