Customer Service
Welcome to Peak Manufacturing

For over 25 years, Peak Manufacturing has supplied metal, plastic and ceramic components to a wide variety of companies in several industries.  Whether they are prime contractors or small start-up businesses, our customer base covers industries such as aerospace, medical, defense, consumer/commercial and semiconductor, to name just a few.

At Peak Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on never resting on our laurels.  We realize that we and our customers operate in very competitive environments.  As such, we always strive to continuously learn and improve.  Therefore, we always take the learning from one industry/component and apply it to other industries/components.  By continuously pushing ourselves in this way, we improve, become better suppliers and provide our customers with a higher quality part than our competition.  So, whether your application is for the Mars Rover or an office copier, you can be assured that Peak Manufacturing will meet or exceed your expectations on quality, leadtime and price.